McPherson Police close cases of suspicious activity near USD 418 schools

By Chris Swick
October 07, 2015

The McPherson Police Department isn't releasing any details about several reports late last month in regards to suspicious activity in the area of McPherson schools, but they are saying the cases have been closed.

The police department initially reported on Sept. 24 that they had received two reports of an unfamiliar vehicle driving in the area of one of the city's schools. An investigation into these incidents found either a valid reason for the activity or a false report that were confirmed by eye-witnesses or corroborated with other information.

The MPD also stated in a press release that their investigation was hampered by residents unwilling to report the circumstances immediately or to provide timely access to the reporting parties.

They encourage you to report suspicious activity to the police department before sharing it on social media.

The full press release from the McPherson Police Department is as follows:

“Recently, there have been concerns voiced regarding suspicious activity reports taken from the area of local schools. McPherson Police Department could not provide information on those investigations while they were open and ongoing. The cases have since been closed. McPherson Police Department found in each instance of suspicious activity a valid reason for the activity or a false report. The valid reasons or false reports were confirmed by eye-witnesses and corroborated with other information.

Additionally, we found in each instance the investigation was severely hampered by residents who were unwilling to report the circumstances immediately to law enforcement or provide timely access to the reporting parties. Since the reports involved minor children more information will not be provided at this time.

McPherson Police Department takes this opportunity to encourage the public to report suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement, instead of (or at least before) sharing on social media. This is also an excellent opportunity to review safety rules with minor children; remain vigilant for safety and observant of your environment, while reporting only the truth, not exaggeration or rumor.”