It's really going to get ugly for Jayhawks

By Steve Sell
October 07, 2015

And to think, the easy part of the Kansas Jayhawks’ football schedule is over.

I bet that has to make even the ever-optimistic KU football coach David Beaty cringe as his team is in full sprint toward an 0-12 season, unless things bottom out so badly at Texas that the Longhorns throw the Jayhawks a bone.

The Jayhawks are 0-4 and all they have up this week is a home game against No. 3-ranked Baylor. And they enter that game without their top two quarterbacks, the injured Montell Cozart and DeAndre Ford.

I’m sure the record books are on stand-bye for updating. Baylor has a chance to obliterate every offensive record in NCAA history, unless Baylor coach Art Briles has some semblance of a heart and pulls his starters after halftime.

Somehow I don’t think he will.

This is going to be embarrassing and I have a feeling the small crowd that’s anticipated at Memorial Stadium on Saturday is going to be horrified. This is going to be like attending a train wreck for Jayhawk fans, as the Bears may need only two or three plays to score on each drive, if that. Their punter probably doesn’t have to make the trip because he won’t be needed.

I really feel sorry for the KU players. They work hard every day and try their best. But they are part of what is arguably the worst Division I program in the country.

Baylor has been putting up huge yards and points on everybody, so this won’t be anything of a shock, unless it scores in triple digits. But if it wants to put up numbers that will stand the test of time, it may go for it.

I watch the Jayhawks because they’re my alma mater. But it’s very painful to see them get gouged week after week and they haven’t even played TCU or Oklahoma or Kansas State. Their lack of depth and talent is jaw-dropping. I really have to wonder how Beaty, or any coach for that matter, will ever get this program turned around. It’s plunged into quicksand and not even the jaws of life can pull it out.

Beaty does and says all the right things. But how can he possibly get any type of big-time recruit to even cast a glance his way? KU’s program has been down before (it was terrible when I was there in the late 1970s), but has always found a way to bounce back to at least mediorcrity. Glen Mason gave we Jayhawkers some hope and, of course, it was as recently as 2008 that Mark Mangino led KU to an Orange Bowl victory.

But this year’s team is below low, even worse than those years in the 1960s and 1970s when the Kansas State Wildcats were at their nadir. Turner Gill and Charlie Weis crippled the program to the extent that it may never recover. The lack of size, speed and athletes in general is alarming. Weis tried to go the quick-fix with jucos, many of whom never took the field, and the program is paying dearly. He was paid millions to run it into the ground and he probably doesn’t lose a night’s sleep over it as he sits at home counting his money.

Of course, KU fans always say “wait until basketball,” but I’d like to be able to say, “wait until the bowl game.” That may never happen again in my lifetime — unless KU can hire somebody like Nick Saban or Urban Meyer.