Anaplasmosis found in area cattle

By Chris Swick
October 12, 2015

Anaplasmosis has shown up in some area cattle herds, which is prompting an informational meeting in the coming weeks.

According to McPherson County Extension Agent Jonie James, anaplasmosis is an infection disease for cattle that causes the destruction of red blood cells.

“It is caused by minute parasites found in the red blood cells of infected animals,” James said. “It can transmitted from infected animals to healthy animals by insects or by surgical instruments.”

Anaplasmosis can be divided into four stages: incubation, developmental, convalescent and carrier.

“The incubation begins with the original infection of the parasite and lasts until one percent of the animal's red blood cells are infected,” James said. “This usually last about three to eight weeks.”

The location has yet to be finalized for the informational meeting on anaplasmosis, but James says they are looking at around Nov. 11 for the date.