National dog weight pull championships come to McPherson

By Chris Swick
October 13, 2015

For the second year in a row, McPherson will be host to the Unified Pulling Federation National Canine Weight Pull Championships.

Susan Dennett is one of the local organizers for the event, which she says is intended to create a positive alternative for the so-called bully breeds of dogs.

“That includes American Bulldogs, pit bulls,” Dennett said. “All the ones that have a bad name.”

Dennett and her husband have been involved in the competition for over 15 years. She says they act as weight trainers for the dogs.

“You slowly and gradually teach them to pull more and more weight,” Dennett said. “And then you put them on a track and they have 60 seconds to pull 16 feet.”

Weight classes for the dogs start at 20-and-under and go up in increments of 10 pounds up to 120, with an unlimited weight class after that for the larger breeds.

Dennett says this event is meant to be an outreach of sorts to show the bully breeds, such as the American Bulldog, in a better light.

“They're not allowed to be human aggressive at all,” Dennett said. “That's not to say that some dogs don't like other dogs, that just happens. Last year, we had a lot of spectators and a lot of people were amazed at the fact of how good these dogs are. They really are loving and caring dogs.”

The weight pull championships are this Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 a.m. in the 4-H Building. Admission is free.

You are asked to not bring your own pets to the competition.