Piece of cake for CCC men kickers

By Steve Sell
October 14, 2015
Rhylee Richardson

It was a rare breather for Central Christian College’s men’s soccer team here Tuesday as the Tigers scored early and often in a 6-0 rout of Manhattan Christian College.

“I thought that our finishing improved today," CCC coach Aaron Hoxie said. “But we need to be more clinical with our chances. We had too many opportunities that we let it go to waste that we will not be able to afford Friday night. That being said, for tonight's match it was just what the doctor ordered. Six fantastic goals that were taken superbly, but it was the buildup to the goals that I am the most happy about. Several players got quality assists from one- and two-touch play. I thought that the boys used their imagination to its fullest and worked very well with each other."

The Tigers scored three goals in each half of the no-stress game. Gabriel Flores and Joshua Taylor tallied two apiece, while David Martinez-Salinas and Ivan Salgado had the others. 

Patricio Laffaye had two assists to lead the way in that category.

The Tigers continue to inch their way toward the .500 mark as they are now 6-8. They play Friday at Johnson and Wales in Denver, then stay in the Mile High City on Saturday to take on Mount Mary College.