City commission approves People's Bank vacation

By Chris Swick
October 15, 2015

The McPherson City Commission also voted Wednesday to vacate the east-west alley in the 100 block of South Main, which paves the way for People's Bank and Trust to redesign the traffic flow out of the drive-thru.

Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze said the planning board's recommendation to vacate the alley was met with no resistance.

“There doesn't seem to be anything in that alley or any good reason for the city to maintain it,” Stinemetze said. “It really does not serve a public function, but it could be used by the bank to improve their traffic-flow situation.”

Commissioner Larry Weins noted that the property on either side of the alley belonged to already.

“From the time that [the vacation] is approved, they will maintain that as well as either side of that alley,” Weins said. “It becomes their property.”

People's is planning on re-routing traffic to the south out of their drive thru and out of that alley after some improvements onto Ash Street to the east, rather than to the north out onto Kansas Avenue as it currently stands.