USD 418 administrators, staff audited

By Chris Swick
October 15, 2015

An annual review of USD 418 administration and staff by auditors has been completed and the results will revealed to the board of education in a couple of weeks.

However, McPherson Superintendent Mark Crawford spoke with board members about the meeting with auditors during Monday's board meeting.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the auditors and how honestly they talked about our internal controls and our purchasing cards,” Crawford said. “I am going to want us to do a policy review, so in the next month, we have a 21-page purchasing card process manual that I want to look at very carefully.”

The usage of the district purchasing cards has come under intense scrutiny after this past June, when former associate superintendent Chris Ruder was found to have misused one. He was forced to pay restitution to USD 418 as part of his resignation.

Despite that isolated incident, Crawford believes that the district has good controls in place.

“I do, however, want to make sure that our practices line up with the policy,” Crawford said.

The next McPherson school board meeting is slated for Oct. 26 and will be held at the McPherson Middle School.