McPherson Education Foundation awards grants to USD 418 teachers

By Chris Swick
October 16, 2015

USD 418 teachers have received over 20 thousand dollars towards innovative programs in the classroom courtesy of the McPherson Education Foundation.

Kim Krizek with the Education Foundation announced the recipients of the grants during Monday's McPherson school board meeting. They include Barbara Wagoner, Jennifer Willems, Kirsten Stewart and Cindy Pressnall, all teachers at Roosevelt Elementary School who received $5,239.61 for Build, Explore, Learn!, which is a Lego-based program.

“These aren't just Legos that you build with,” Krizek said. “They come with a science and math curriculum that goes with it. There's pulleys and levers and different things.”

Also receiving $5,211 were teachers in the middle school for field trips. Krizek says each grade goes some place different.

“The sixth grade, they go to Wichita and go to the Museum of World Treasures, for example,” Krizek said. “In seventh grade, they explore locally. The McPherson Museum, the Opera House, things at the local level. And in the eighth grade, they are taken to Topeka to see the state capitol, the Ritchie House, things like that.”

The full list of awards is: Build, Explore, Learn! – Jenny Willems, Kirsten Stewart, Cindy Pressnall and Barbara Wagoner, Roosevelt Elementary School ($5,239.61); Alternative Seat – Carmen Zeisler, Roosevelt Elementary School ($1,300 funded); Extending Literacy through Theatre – Louise Kearney, All K-5 ($1,850); MMS Field Trips – Jackie Bohnenblust, Megan Nieman, Kurt Kinnamon, Beth Wash and Treg Fawl, McPheson Middle School ($5,211); Picturing the Future of Journalism and Yearbook – Amanda Harrison, ($1,444 for four cameras); NCSS Conference – Jackie Bohenblust, McPherson Middle School ($2,030); and Wonderful World of Music – Cheryl Flaming, Washington and Roosevelt Elementary Schools ($793.19 funded).

The foundation also awarded $3,000 to be divided equally among the six libraries in the district.