Inman's Renner wins HOA harrier title

By Steve Sell
October 16, 2015
File Photo/Contributed

BENNINGTON — Inman’s Caleb Renner was a comfortable winner in the Heart of America League's Cross Country Championships on Thursday.

Renner ran a 17:09.81 to easily outdistance Colin Williams of Marion, who ran 17:39.04.

Renner helped the Teutons to a second-place finish with 82 points. Bennington was the runaway winner with 40.

“Several weeks ago I talked to the boys about what I thought their potential was for the league meet,” Inman coach Jay Parsons said. “One thing I have learned being in education, including coaching, students will rise up and meet a challenge when given the right motivation, which in this case was ice cream. However, I know it wasn't about what they would get if they meet the challenge. I think it was more about how great it would be to place in the top three of the league knowing the cross country program at Inman was only two years old.  I think the runners wanted the league to know there is a cross country program at Inman High School.  I told the runners, after the race, they were noticed by one of the league coaches.  I think that is a very big compliment for the boys.”

Inman’s girls did not field a full team, but still had a good day.

“I could see this week during practice that there was a good chance each of the girls would run their fastest time at this meet,” Parsons said. “One other thing that helped was the fact they had run the course before at Bennington. We were hoping to medal, but sometimes it more about how well you competed than winning a medal.”  

Canton-Galva’s boys were led by Lane Wiens, who was 15th, while Maddie Snow topped the girls in 27th.

• Inman Results •

• Boys •

1. Caleb Renner, 17:09.81

12. Tobias Belknap, 18:47.50

22. Jaxon Eddy, 19:38.23

23. Zach Speice, 19:38.70

27. Connor Sivils, 19:56.48

43. Nathan Bashore, 20:40.33

51. Max Harman, 21:20.41

65. Angelo Nunes, 23:12.32

• Girls •

21. Maria Urwiller, 22.49.50

35. Kaylee Baumann, 25:49.06

37. Courtney Belknap, 25:51.00

• Canton-Galva Results •

• Boys •

15. Lane Wiens, 18:54.86

37. Logan Miller, 20:19.68

41. Dawson Minson, 20:31.23

58. Zach Snow, 21:55.53

59. Cash Toews, 21:54.95

• Girls •

27. Maddie Snow, 24:19.09

43. Whitney Nightingale, 26:37.02

49. Kaylee Littrell, 30:57.56