Town hall meeting set for input on McPherson Comprehensive Plan

By Chris Swick
October 16, 2015

A town hall meeting is planned for Oct. 27 to discuss the City of McPherson's draft Comprehensive Development Plan.

“This is not a public hearing,” Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze said. “This is a town hall meeting for the purpose of accepting input from additional members of the public on the comprehensive plan.”

Stinemetze said the draft has been in the planning stage for about three years, which brings up an interesting issue.

“The longer we work on it, the more it goes out of date,” Stinemetze said. “It's one of those weird documents that constantly a living document. Which is why state law requires that the comprehensive plan be reviewed not less than once a year.”

That town hall meeting will be held Oct. 27 starting at 7 p.m. in the Commission Meeting Room at the Municipal Center.