City addresses complaints over Union Pacific maintenance

By Chris Swick
October 19, 2015

The City of McPherson has received a few complaints on the work Union Pacific Railroad has done on the crossings along their line that cuts across Centennial Drive, Maxwell, Avenue A and Main Street in McPherson.

City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward urges patience, as the fix right now is just temporary and UP will have more permanent fixes in the near future, though a firm time frame was not available.

City Administrator Nick Gregory also says he has been notified that the railroad will also be working on some of their spur lines.

“I think [the Union Pacific PR representative] said in the spring would be their schedule to come in and address some of those,” Gregory said. “Obviously, we've got to get past this one.”

Mayor Tom Brown also says the city will be talking to Union Pacific about the temporary fix they laid down.

“I don't think they used very much cold patch,” Brown said. “I think they used ballast only on a number of these and ballast is all over the road at some of these [crossings]. There was nothing to hold it in.”