Smoky Valley BOE votes to begin sale of Marquette Elementary to City of Marquette

By Chris Swick
October 21, 2015

The former Marquette Elementary School could soon be back in the hands of the City of Marquette.

The school was closed following the 2013-2014 school year, though the move was contentious between the school board and the residents of Marquette, some of whom threatened to relocate their children into the Little River school district rather than send them to Soderstrom Elementary School in Lindsborg.

The USD 400 Board of Education voted unanimously during their Oct. 12 meeting to begin the process to sell the school building proper, as well as the kitchen equipment and the bus barn, to the City of Marquette for $1.

A letter was to be drafted by Smoky Valley Superintendent Glen Suppes to the Marquette City Council.

The transaction is to carry no stipulations or qualifiers from USD 400.