Bullpups rout Circle on Senior Night

By Steve Sell
October 21, 2015
Kendall Shaw

When Circle’s soccer team was called for a penalty within the box midway through the first half here Tuesday, it was the McPherson High players, not coach Chris Adrian, who made the decision as to who should take the free shot.

Patrick Munsey? No.

Andric McGill? No.

Jose Arriola? No.

Those were the likely choices, but to a man the Bullpup players demanded for Price Kramer, making his first start on Senior Night, to go 1 v. 1 with Circle goalie Pieter Sniders.

Kramer, a newly minted Eagle Scout on Sunday, calmly drilled the kick as though he had been doing it all season, which perhaps was the highlight on a night of many in a 6-1 victory.

“They really wanted him to have it. He’s been a great teammate, a great team player,” Adrian said. “He hasn’t played a ton of varsity minutes, but he came in as a freshman and worked and worked. For him to get that opportunity — and the players wanted that for him and that wasn’t me saying, ‘Price go take it.’ — you saw 10 guys on the field give the ball to Price... it was a great moment for him and I was really happy to see him have that.”

McGill scored two goals for MHS, which led 4-1 at the half, while others were by Munsey, Arriola and Connor Williams, who tallied his with 35 seconds left as he made the most of some playing time. McGill, Kaden Warren and Kento Aizawa all had assists.

“I wanted to just see us put two halves together just without a dip, without any letdowns without any mistakes,” said Adrian, whose team improved its record to 12-3 with one game left to play on Thursday at Buhler. 

Joseph Cox scored in the Bullpups’ JV game and that stood up in a 1-0 victory.