The Traffic Stop: Pedestrian Control Signals

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
October 22, 2015

(Standard Traffic Ordinance #14 & Kansas Statute

Annotated 8-1509 Find the exact wording

Loose meaning: Pedestrians facing a “flashing or steady walk” signal or “flashing or

steady walking person” may walk across the roadway and must be given the right-of-

way by all drivers. Pedestrians may not start to cross the roadway when a “flashing or

steady don’t walk” or “flashing or steady upraised palm” is present. However, any

pedestrian who has partially completed crossing (meaning the crossing was begun

when the light changed) may proceed to the opposing sidewalk.

In McPherson, a driver who fails to yield the right-of-way will receive a fine of $60 for a

moving violation, plus $75 Municipal Court Cost. A pedestrian who fails to obey

pedestrian crossing signals when present may be fined $30, plus $55 Municipal Court

Cost —not to mention the risk of personal injury.

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