USD 418 parent-teacher conferences next week

By Chris Swick
October 22, 2015
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Parent-teacher conferences in USD 418 are slated to start next week.

Jana McKinney, McPherson County Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, said it's important to attend these conferences.

“The teachers give of their time,” McKinney said. “It's not a very fun experience for them, I would guess, because they meet lots of parents and visit about children and try to solve some of those educational issues. So, it's long nights waiting for parents to come and it even gets longer when parents don't come.”

When discussing any issues a student may have in the classroom, McKinney said it's important to have a strong relationship between parent and educator and that, while disagreements may be inevitable at times, there are positive ways to handle them.

“There are basically five ways to deal with differences in healthy ways,” McKinney said. “Share concerns in a calm, respectful tone; focus on understanding each others' views; maintain a positive environment; practice forgiveness; and maintain physical and emotional safety.”

McKinney added that advice applies to dealing with familial disagreements, as well.