Union Pacific continues work on railroad crossings in McPherson

By Chris Swick
October 26, 2015

The work done by Union Pacific Railroad on a string of crossing cutting through parts of McPherson has left some residents with a number of concerns.

The crossings line the UP tracks in the city from Centennial Drive near the roundabout, across Maxwell and Avenue A near Wall Park and then South Main Street by Central Christian College. McPherson Public Works Director Jeff Woodward says there has been some progress.

“We still have issues on most of the crossings,” Woodward said. “Centennial [Drive] is slightly better. The south end of Maxwell is better. They did come in late last week or over the weekend on Avenue A. I'm hopeful that is still temporary at this point and they'll come in and do a better job.”

One thing Woodward noted Union Pacific did do was raise the track heights some.

“Some of them are as rough as they were before, but we have a higher height differential,” Woodward said. “I think we can eliminate a lot of that by extending the tapers out. We have made some progress, but we're a long way from where we should be.”