McPherson City Commissioners vote to rezone former daycare

By Chris Swick
October 29, 2015

McPherson City Commissioners moved forward on a recommendation from the city planning commission to rezone the site of the former Kids Come First Daycare on East First Street.

Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze told commissioners the owners of the property, the Dana Clark Trust, were requesting a change of zoning from R-3 Multiple Family to B-2 Neighborhood Business with a protective overlay for the property located at 900 East First Street.

“It's a small building on a relatively small property,” Stinemetze said, “which would eliminate a lot of uses under the B-2 in any case. Simply not big enough to do them.”

Stinemetze indicated that Randy Clark, one of the owners, did not indicate what the intended usage of the property, located across from McPherson High School, will be, given that the daycare has gone out of business.

“They have several ideas of what they would like to do with it,” Stinemetze said. “Mr. Clark expressed that they would like to move their architectural offices into the building. It's a bit bigger and it would give them a little more room to do that. The other half of the building, they are thinking of the possibility of putting flooring supplies in there. Carpet and tile and that sort of thing. But it's not a definite.”

The property was initially included in a Conditional Use Permit in the R-3 zoning district along with the neighboring mini-warehouse facility next door. The planning commission later ruled that the mini-warehouse was not appropriate for R-3, and left both facilities classified as “legal non-conforming uses.”

The mini-warehouse applied for, and received, a re-zone into the B-2 classification in March 2014.

The city commission approved the rezoning unanimously.