Kansas Lt. Governor talks volunteerism, bright future while at Elyria Chrisitan

By Chris Swick
October 29, 2015

Kansas Lt. Governor Dr. Jeff Colyer stopped by Elyria Christian School Tuesday and spoke with students about the importance of volunteerism and service.

Afterwards, Colyer hopes the students received his message that volunteering is an important part of being a strong citizen of not only their communities, but the world.

“They can make a huge difference in the world,” Colyer said. “And part of it is, the rest of the world is actually watching America and watching what's going on in the very heart, right here.”

Colyer says that students today have the potential to understand the world at large in a much better way than any generation before them due to the way they are able to connect to different cultures and countries through social media better than adults today can.

“I'm very bullish,” Colyer said. “I think the future of America is very great. These kids, they're going to have three or four different careers and they really can change the world. I really believe that.”

Colyer spoke about his time volunteering through the International Medical Corps in Rwanda during his time with the Elyria students.