CDBG site selection committee visits McPherson

By Chris Swick
November 03, 2015

A site selection committee recently visited McPherson to evaluate the area designated by the city for possible Community Development Block Grant funding from the state of Kansas.

“They looked at the target area that we've identified for the first portion of the CDBG grant,” Nick Gregory, McPherson City Administrator, said. “They came out and asked some questions. Relatively few questions.”

According to Gregory, the committee's questions centered mostly on the pre-application process and how the city chose the target area.

“It was a good conversation, but I think it looked very positive for our opportunities to receive that CDBG funding,” Gregory said. “I think they said there were a total of six people who had made an application. They didn't indicate how many of those six they planned on funding. If successful it probably will be for the full $300,000.”

The area selected by the city for funding is bordered by Elizabeth Street on the north, Avenue A on the south, Fisher Street on the East and both sides of Main Street on the west. The area includes 13 housing units, 11 of which are rentals and allows for the demolition of four vacant, dilapidated residential structures.

The total cost of the project would be $371,000, of which the grant from the Kansas Department of Commerce would potentially fund $300,000.