City commissioners, staff discuss Sunflower Drive drainage issues

By Chris Swick
November 03, 2015

Concerns have been raised over a trickle channel that was built in the Sunflower Drive development in the north part of McPherson to help deal with several drainage issues.

Specifically, a property owner in the 1500 block of Sunflower Drive raised concerns that the channel, which runs from upstream, will cause his property to flood faster. The owner of the property in question had, in years past, filled in the natural drainage ditch and opted, instead, for a drainage pipe. His concern is that the rainwater will flow faster to his property thanks to the new channel installed by the city, causing flooding.

Public Works Director Jeff Woodward disagreed.

““If it floods at this point, it's not necessarily because that trickle channel is installed,” Woodward said.”There's always going to be a rain event that could flood that property.”

Commissioner Larry Wiens indicated he would like to see photographic proof that flooding is occurring.

“I would say that we need to review them again,” Wiens said. “But if he can't show us any information that he's had some flood issues, then I don't know that we caused anything by doing upstream what we did, putting in the trickle channel, other than getting the water there quicker.”

The consensus of the commission was to study the issue further before committing to any plan of action.