McPherson City employees to see COLA increase

By Chris Swick
November 03, 2015

McPherson city employees are going to see a bump in their Cost of Living Adjustment after action taken Monday by the McPherson City Commission.

According to city administrator Nick Gregory, the two percent increase has long been planned for.

“When we prepared the 2015 budget, we actually budgeted to put in a two percent cost of living to begin the first of October,” Gregory said.

The adjustment was not implemented on time, Gregory says, due to some issues with new financial software. That has since been ironed out and the adjustment brought forth Monday.

“The other adjustment we'd make would be an adjustment to our legal staff that we typically make, as well,” Gregory said. “That would be the only thing that's not reflected on this sheet, but we'd prepare [that] for you here in the future, as well.”

The adjustment was passed 2-0. McPherson Mayor Tom Brown was out of town for Monday's meeting.