The Traffic Stop: Right of way

By MPD Executive Officer Mo Hawkinson
November 04, 2015

Right turn on red (STO #13 & KSA 8-1508 (c)(1) & (2) …find the exact wording here:

Right of way approaching an intersection (STO #57 & KSA 8-1526 …find the exact wording here:

Duty to Yield (STO#59 & KSA 8-1528 Find the exact wording here:

Entering Roadway from an Alley/Private Drive; (STO #80 & # 60 & KSA 8-1555 & 1529…find exact wording at these &

Very often we encounter drivers who feel the right of way belongs solely to them. I call this the “me first syndrome."

There are a handful of statutes and ordinances which clearly outline right-of-way in particular situations. Some examples include: Yielding from stop signs, or entering one roadway from another, or when turning, or in a roundabout, and yielding as a pedestrian.

Failure to yield is often due to inattention or a lack of common courtesy, but it’s illegal and more importantly failure to yield is a safety issue.

It is the root cause of many other infractions including vehicle collisions. In 2014, there were 320 reported collisions in the City of McPherson.

Failure to Yield was a contributing factor in 34 of those and there have been 39 to date this year. In McPherson, each of the traffic offenses listed above is a $60 fine and $75 Municipal Court cost except the pedestrian violation which is a $30 fine and $55 court cost.

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