City road projects continue to progress

By Chris Swick
November 04, 2015

McPherson City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward provided an update on the construction projects underway around Avenue A.

“All the underground work is completed,” Woodward said. “The conditions are a little wet [Monday], but earthwork should later this week. Wastewater Treatment Plant Road, all of the storm sewer has been installed. And the trunkline project is essentially completed.”

According to Woodward, the sewage has been routed into the new line and all that remains is the final seeding.

Additionally, the Calvary Street project is underway.

“Curb and gutter's been placed,” Woodward said. “The rock base has been placed, the dirt work has been completed. They should place the actual pavement later this week. Progress is going pretty good on all four projects.”

You can keep up with the various projects in McPherson by visiting the Facebook page McPherson Road Construction and Conditions.