Fall temperatures bring reminder to prep for winter

By Chris Swick
November 06, 2015

Temperatures dropped to near freezing in some parts of Kansas overnight, which serves as a reminder that there are some yard maintenance items on your home to take care of before the weather does become too cold outside.

“We need to rake debris away from the side of our home and other structures,” Jana McKinney, McPherson County Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, said. “Got to clean those gutters and I know the leaves are falling, you may feel like that's a never ending task if you have a lot of trees in your neighborhood. Check and repair all calking around the exterior, especially around your windows.”

McPherson County Extension Agent Jana McKinney, who also reminds you to check your weather stripping, as it may need to be replaced. Heating and cooling equipment should also be checked twice a year.

“Once before the heating season and once before the cooling season, give that furnace a good inspection,” McKinney said. “Look for rust, sealing on the heat exchanges, make sure it has the proper color flame. Any odd sounds or smells, you want to check the condition of the venting. It's just so important to do that.”

Doing so could catch problems that may result in carbon monoxide poisoning.