County treasurer, commission spar over DMV pay

By Chris Swick
November 10, 2015

McPherson County Treasurer Brenda Becker verbally sparred with county commissioners Monday over the pay of the workers in the motor vehicle department.

Becker was requesting a raise for three employees outside of the county's pay system, stating that they needed to be fairly compensated, as they were on the front lines.

“They have to know legal aspects, of all the statutes, because we're dealing with legal documents,” Becker said. “We have had a lot of people come in who have tried to commit fraud and we have to prevent that. We have also been threatened with a gun. It's not an easy job.”

Becker added that the DMV office has seen a turnover of 120 percent in the last three to four years.

Commission Chair Ron Loomis said Becker was more than welcome to set her own pay policy, providing she could fund it.

“If you're not going to follow our policies, then you need to have your own policy and pay your own way,” Loomis said. “And that's fine. I have no problem with that.”

Any decision on revamping the pay policy was tabled until a later date, as the commission requested fiscal numbers to ensure that Becker could safely implement her own pay-scale without running out of funds.

They did vote to increase two of the requested pay hikes, with the third tabled for later this month after those numbers were made available.