USD 418 has first look at revised purchase card policy

By Chris Swick
November 10, 2015

McPherson school board members got their first look at a revised purchasing card policy Monday night, though it was only a rough draft.

USD 418 Superintendent Mark Crawford said there are no major changes to the current policy, though they are adding a bit more description on what is an allowable charge for meals and registration for special development-related events that require travel.

“We don't spend a lot of money for travel,” Crawford said, “but, when we do go out for travel, whether it's the board going down to Wichita to attend the [Kansas Association of School Boards] annual convention, that needs to be clearly listed that that's a legitimate exemption to this policy for food or travel, whatever's related to that.”

The policy has multiple security measures built in, from not allowing non-administrative staff members access unless specifically requested to putting credit limits on the cards.

Crawford added an important aspects of the district's policy is the transaction log.

“All of us in the Central Office, all of principals, have done an excellent job since I've been here on having the specific receipts stapled to this log,” Crawford said. “Started asking them to hand-write any explanations, so it would pass the stranger test.”

No action was taken on the policy, as USD 418 Business Manager Gordon Mohn wanted a little more time to iron out a few rough edges he saw to the policy before presenting it for a vote.