McPherson City new housing starts see increase

By Chris Swick
November 10, 2015

Building numbers are in for the City of McPherson for October, and new construction of residential units was up 25 percent.

“This is well off the pace from last month, which showed an 84 percent increase from last year,” Bill Athey, McPherson City Lead Building Inspector, said. “Looking at the Dodge data and analytics, [it] showed a mild increase in all housing starts, which was up nationally three-tenths of one percent. For our region, it showed all housing starts in August down three percent and it showed all single family starts down the same three percent for the year.”

Athey also noted that costs in October were down $1.4 million from 2014, though that number was a bit misleading.

“There's a commercial remodel permit, which just came in for the month,” Athey said. “It was at approximately id="mce_marker".2 million, bringing the difference for the month at just over $200,000. The permit wasn't counted for October, simply because it wasn't posted until November.”

Roofing permits continued to say down about 280 over last year, which has driven the overall number of permits for the year to date down by 23 percent at 823.

The cost per permit for the city, however, is up 25 percent at $36,597.