USD 418 administration, teachers working to restructure pay schedule

By Chris Swick
November 10, 2015

USD 418 teachers and administration are looking into ways to redesign the district's salary schedule.

Business Manager Gordon Mohn felt he initially went into the discussions with the idea that they should make any changes to the pay increase schedule cost-neutral.

“That's nice to say, but, if you think about that, and you increase anyone's salary, and it's cost neutral, somebody's going to get their salary cut,” Mohn said. “So we're going to have to work through that as well. How do we look at restructuring?”

This year, the district gave a slight increase in the base salary, plus the annual step-increases, which resulted in pay increases for teachers ranging from $700-$740.

“So, if you're a $35,000 teacher, you got a $700 increase,” Mohn said. “If you're a $45,000 teacher, you got a $700 increase. That average was 1.6 percent. Everybody, together, we determined got a 1.6 percent [increase]. But, if you're on the high-end of the salary schedule, you were nearly at 1.6 and, if you're on the low-end, you were above that 1.6.”

The numbers indicated that, if the district went a blanket 1.6 percent increase for everyone, the pay increase would range from $565-$955. Mohn said the difficulty is finding a solution that is acceptable to both the school board and the teacher's association.