Electrical, water numbers down for BPU

By Chris Swick
November 12, 2015

The 9 month operational report has been released from the McPherson Board of Public Utilities.

According to BPU General Manager Tim Maier, eletrical sales are down 7.433 percent to 628 million kilowatt hours.

“A lot of that reduction, we had a major industry that had a turnaround for quite some time,” Maier said. “That really kind of makes up for the bulk of that reduction.”

The all-in cost from Westar Energy is at 4.17 cents per kilowatt hour.

“That includes the fuel bill, plus transmission, plus purchase capacity,” Maier said. “That all-in cost last year [was] 4.16, so up .2 percent, so that's pretty reasonable.”

On the water side, Maier reported that the utility sold 735 million gallons over the nine month period, which is down 9.67 percent from last year.