Vacation order approved for former Conoco station

By Chris Swick
November 12, 2015

The former Conoco gas station on East Kansas Avenue near Montana Mike's may soon be revamped and reopened.

McPherson city commissioners Monday approved a vacation order for the tract of land directly north of the convenience store. Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze says the former owners of the Conoco have purchased that tract of land, which used to be a meeting room associated with the motel.

He adds that the request from Triplett, Inc., of Salina, falls in line with their previous vacation request relating to the gas station, as the set backs for Champlin Street were larger than normal.

“When Champlin Addition was platted, along every street they had a 90-foot setback,” Stinemetze said. “Nobody that is here today can remember why they did it. And every time we have a case out there, the very first thing that happens is that they request to vacate that 90-foot setback to something a little more reasonable.”

In this case, that is the required 35-feet back from the platted 90-feet on the front and the 20-feet requirement back from 30-feet on the side of the property.

Stinemetze says the owners intend to tear down the current convenience store building and start fresh...

“This extra property, then, will allow them to do it the way they really need to,” Stinemetze said.

The order to vacate was passed unanimously.