CHS donates to McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation

By Chris Swick
November 17, 2015

The McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation received the first of a promised three donations recently from CHS Refinery at McPherson.

Museum Director Anna Ruxlow says this first, $50,000 donation will go towards the completion of the Discovery and Innovation exhibit.

“It's pretty much complete, but there's a few things left,” Ruxlow said. “Some graphics, some more fossils to set. The meteorites need to be mounted in their cases and then the Hershey Diamond exhibt needs to be completed.”

The Discovery and Innovation exhibit is planned to be finished in March, just in time for a major convention to come to McPherson.

“The Kansas Academy of Sciences is holding their annual symposium in McPherson in April,” Ruxlow said. “And they are going to be here at the museum part of the time, and that was part of our push to get this done was before the scientists are here in McPherson.”

CHS will also be completing an exhibit dedicated to the long history the refinery has with McPherson. Ruxlow says that will include some interactive elements, as well as graphics.