Crawford: Brownback to work to ensure no cuts to K-12

By Chris Swick
November 17, 2015

With the latest release of revenue numbers in the state of Kansas, educators statewide are worried funding for schools will be on the chopping block.

McPherson Superintendent Mark Crawford believes Governor Sam Brownback will do what he can to avoid cuts to K-12 education.

“There is no guarantee,” Crawford said. “I know a lot of superintendents are planning for mid-year cuts. We hope that doesn't happen, we hope the revenue estimates turn around. But, right now, there's a pretty sizeable hole that [USD 418 Business Manager] Gordon [Mohn] and I are going to need to watch.”

Crawford added there are few options facing Brownback, however, as the legislature would be required to pass any changes in taxes.

“The only thing the governor can do it cut programs,” Brownback said. “He can't even make transfers. He can transfer money from the Department of Transportation, but, as far as new taxes, that's the role of the legislature.”

Last year, there was talk of cutting funding to K-12 education by two percent. Crawford estimates that would equal a reduction of funds of less than a million dollars for USD 418.