The Traffic Stop: Disobeying School Crossing Guards

By MPD Executive Officer Mo Hawkinson
November 18, 2015

(STO No. 64.1 & KSA 8-15, 103…find the exact wording

This topic is being re-emphasized as McPherson KS Police Department is receiving complaints from school crossing guards about drivers who refuse to obey the directions guards give — even as they are escorting children across McPherson roadways.

In winter, as daylight hours are shortening, children are commuting in the dim, near-sunrise hours. Extra attention is required in our school zones, near crosswalks and our schools. This is certainly about the respect crossing guards earn as they usher the most precious among us, in less than favorable weather, at hours which are hard to cover.

More importantly, it is about the safety of the guards and our students. No amount of time saved in your morning commute is worth the injury or death of someone else.

In McPherson, the fine for willful failure or refusal to comply with any lawful order or direction given by a McPherson Crossing Guard is punishable by a $60 fine, and $75 in municipal court costs.

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