USD 418 BOE moves forward on changes to credit card policy

By Chris Swick
November 24, 2015

McPherson school board members gave their acceptance to a new policy manual governing the usage of USD 418's purchasing cards.

Business Manager Gordon Mohn said, in coming up with the policy, administration asked themselves several questions.

“[Is] what we say in our policy what we're doing?” Mohn said. “Are there things in the policy we aren't doing that we need to do?”

One example is training for district staff in the usage of the purchasing cards. There wasn't a specific reference in the previous policy to training, so, now, anytime someone is issued a new card, they will be trained in the district's policy.

The cards will also not be able to be used just anywhere. The district has two controls in place to make sure an employee isn't using a card in a business they shouldn't be, the first being by policy and the second by a mechanism through the card company, itself, that blocks those businesses.

“For instance, if you go to a place that has a tavern or a brewery name, that's a restaurant, [but] often that will be blocked by the credit card company,” Mohn said. “We included other things, as well.”

Other examples of vendors that could be blocked on the charge cards include airlines, taxi service, hotels and motels and insurance services.

The board accepted the new policy on a 6-0 vote, with board member Rhonda Wince not present.

Mohn did note that he wasn't quite done tweaking the policy and would have the finalized version by the time the board was ready for approval at their next meeting.