BPU to stop water meter readings for winter

By Chris Swick
November 24, 2015

Water meter readers will be out for the final time this week from the McPherson Board of Public Utilities.

“We do not read the water meters in the winter time,” BPU General Manager Tim Maier said. “They need to be covered so they don't freeze up, so we put the Styrofoam ring in there and that keeps them from freezing up in the winter. Typically, in the winter, if you have snow, it's difficult to find them, anyway. It's a fairly common practice.”

That could lead to a shock on water bills in the spring, however, if you have a leak you aren't aware of. Typically, sudden, large increases in water usage is noticed by the customer on their bill.

“So if there are any toilets, sinks, drippy faucets, things like that that a person has in their house, I would strongly encourage them to fix that,” Maier said. “Come March, that could lead to an extremely large bill.”

The BPU will resume reading meters in March, barring any major spring snow events.