Weather slows Avenue A work

By Chris Swick
November 25, 2015

The weather may put a hold on progress on Avenue A and Wastewater Treatment Plant Road over the next several days.

“All the curb and gutter that can be laid with the machine has been laid on Avenue A and Wastewater Treatment Plant Road,” Jeff Woodward, McPherson City Public Works Director, said. “The weather doesn't look conducive to construction the rest of this week, but [the contractor] will be working on tying in the curb and gutter to the inlets. Also the driveway tie-ins and the sidewalks.”

The plan originally was to have that all done by Thanksgiving, but the rains last week and the projected rains for the remainder of this week are may slow things down a little.

Woodward does add that progress on both Avenue A and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Road remains good for this time of year.