City, USD 418 looking at childcare, kindergarten readiness

By Chris Swick
November 25, 2015

Kindergarten readiness for students is a need that is being discussed, both on the school and the city level in McPherson.

USD 418 Superintendent Mark Crawford says that McPherson Mayor Tom Brown has put together a task force to look into kindergarten readiness, which Crawford says is different for each community.

“In a community like Hugoton, they may not see a need for early Head Start or preschool services,” Crawford said. “But in many communities, including ours, we utilize those services and they are very important for our children to be ready to start kindergarten.”

Part of that discussion includes the availability of childcare, especially in the wake of the sudden closure of the Kids Come First Daycare in September. Crawford says a survey was sent out to McPherson residents about the need for childcare in the city.

“And the survey has shown that there is a significant need, birth to three [years old], in McPherson for daycare,” Crawford said. “They are currently studying other communities and what those daycares look like in communities like ours.”

One thing the district is doing to help address these concerns is to work on a grant for an early Head Start program, which would be intended to service children aged 0-3 years old.