City of McPherson clearing streets of tree limb debris, homeowners responsible for own removal

By Chris Swick
November 30, 2015

McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory addressed clean up expectations as a result of the ice storm during Monday's city commission meeting.

Gregory says city street crews have been working to move the larger down tree limbs from the roadways.

“Street crews are currently moving these downed limbs off the side of the road and onto the right of way,” Gregory said. “Adjacent property owners will be responsible for the removal of these limbs.”

Gegory adds the City is discouraging you from removing your limbs from your yard until the ice has melt from your trees.

“I have heard that the wind is expected to pick up,” Gregory said. “We expect that we will have quite a bit more of those limbs snap off. We're going to highly discourage people from getting out in the yard if they have heavy limbs above them, because I don't think we've seen the last of the limbs breaking.”

Neither the City or the McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility will be performing curbside tree limb removal. The Utility will take downed tree limbs at the transfer station on 17thAvenue and General Manager John Hawk said in a message to Gregory that they are monitoring the situation and may offer expanded hours, should the need be there.