City commission votes to rezone Calvary Street cul-de-sac

By Chris Swick
December 02, 2015

McPheson City Commissioners voted Monday to rezone a cul-de-sac near the intersection of Avenue A and the newly finished Calvary Street from R1 Single Family to R3 multi-family.

Tom Stinemetze, McPherson City Community Development Director, says the location of the cul-de-sac is on the southwest corner of that intersection.

“This is a piece of property's platted, but it's one giant lot known as Genesis Addition and Calvary Baptist Church is the only place that's on that property at the present time,” Stinemetze said. “It's currently in the process of being replatted.”

Stinemetze says the rezoning would allow the lots to be used for single, two-family or multi-family homes. He also says this rezoning applies to the cul-de-sac only.

“The zoning on the property is just one big chunk of barren land at this point,” Stinemetze said. “The sub-division is another issue and that is still under discussion. There are plenty of issues to discuss there yet, but the zoning itself is not a real question.”

The city commission approved the rezoning 2-0, with Commissioner Bob Moore absent from Monday's meeting.