MFD cautions safety with space heaters

By Chris Swick
December 03, 2015

Space heaters were pressed into action quite a bit over the last several days, and McPherson Fire Chief Jeff Deal asks you to be safe if you do use one as the weather continues to turn colder.

“If you are going to put a space heater in play in your home to augment your heating, make sure it is a UL approved space heater,” Deal said. “That, when it tips over, it turns off. That's the primary test for them. You can test that [by] running your heater. If it tips over and does not turn off, please discard it.”

The space heater should also be the only appliance plugged into an outlet.

“Space heaters draw a tremendous amount of energy,” Deal said. “And they can overload their systems and, with drain on the system that we have right now, you can cause another issue for your home. We prefer to have them on power strips, so the strip is the first thing to blow should the system be overloaded.”

Deal adds you should keep the space around the space heater clear and reminds you to shut it off when you leave the house.