City of McPherson considering active shooter training for city staff

By Chris Swick
December 08, 2015

Active shooter situations are at the forefront of the national consciousness right now after the shootings in San Bernadino, California, on Wednesday.

As has been pointed out various times, shootings such as these are limited to remote, faraway locations and could happen anywhere. To that end, McPherson police officers do train multiple times a year in active shooter situations.

“However, as we've seen in recent events and prior events, there is some time for officers to get to you, pure and simple,” McPherson Police Chief Rob McClarty said. “Any assistance you can help provide in that response and in making yourself prepared and safer is a benefit to you and to law enforcement in their response to certain events like [San Bernadino].”

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown wants to see city staff, not just police officers, go through training for a shooter situation on an annual basis.

“You have to know what to do,” Brown said. “You have to be conditioned to act and not necessarily think about what you should do. Thinking at that point is a little bit too late, and may cost lives. I just want to be sure that the City is updated on an annual basis to keep us aware of the situations and even those of you that are in different offices than [the McPherson Municipal Center] need to know what your alternatives are.”

Brown recommended going to to view a video that may help you develop a plan for your own place of work, should an active shooter situation occur.