McPherson city commissioners adopt comprehensive development plan

By Chris Swick
December 08, 2015

With just under a month left to go in his term as McPherson City Community Development Director, Tom Stinemetze was able to cross a major item off his to-do list Monday morning, as the city commission adopted the Comprehensive Development Plan.

Prior to adoption by the city commission, Stinemetze called it a watershed moment.

“Because this is a document that I definitely wanted to get done and published before I leave in the last of December,” Stinemetze said. “A lot of work went into this, but I will not take that credit. All I can do is say I was a good editor for the information that was provided. But I will take pride in the fact that we now have a good document to look at.”

The plan will cover the city's development through 2023, though Stinemetze says that is a bit of a misnomer, as it is a constant work in progress.

“Having just printed it up, it is already out of date,” Stinemetze said. “It is constantly in need of work. So the planning commission will continue to do that, as well as all these other little groups that produce information that goes into it.”

No public members spoke out, either for or against the plan, prior to its passage by the city commission.