Volunteers log over 500 hours to help with ice storm

By Chris Swick
December 09, 2015

The McPherson community came forth in spades to help their friends and neighbors during last week's ice storm.

McPherson County Emergency Management estimates that volunteers gave over 500 hours of their time.

“We had a great response from Red Cross and Amateur Radio Club, and, of course, the [McPherson] Ministerial Alliance helped out quite a bit,” Darren Frazier, Director of McPherson County Emergency Management and Communications, said. “It was busy, but we got it handled.”

Frazier says there are still about 15 sites that need attention, with a few church's and civic organizations volunteering to help finish up the clean up.

“I think this was a good dry run for a big operation that hasn't happened for a few years,” Frazier said. “We'll do better next time.”

Frazier did say he was planning to get together with McPherson city officials and the McPherson Ministerial Alliance to follow up on the response to the ice storm and to begin discussions about possibly developing a Certified Emergency Response team in the event such a storm happens again.