McPherson police warn of phone scams

By Chris Swick
December 10, 2015

The McPherson Police Department is warning you about a pair of scams going around at the moment.

MPD Executive Officer Mo Hawkinson says to be wary of any demand for immediate payment.

“Particularly payment using a pre-paid debit card or a money transfer,” Hawkinson said. “Those are the two things to be on the lookout for.”

Recent phone scams have involved callers claiming to either be from the IRS or representing the electric company requesting immediate payment or there will be consequences, including being sent to jail.

Hawkinson says you should always verify the authenticity of such a phone call with the agency they are claiming to represent, either through their listed phone number or online contact form.

“With IRS, they have both an 800 number andwww.IRS.govthat you can visit them online,” Hawkinson said. “And certainly make a visit to our BPU or call them. Rather than speaking to the person who has called you, hang up and make sure you are speaking to who they say they are.”

Another way the scammers will try to reach you is through email. Hawkinson says, in order to protect yourself from being scammed, you need to stay vigilant.

“Be very wary, especially if the warning is passed on to you via someone else,” Hawkinson said. “ An email warning that your taxes are due is another way that the IRS would not communicate with you. Again, just U.S. Post or by your own, personal call.”

You can find more information about avoiding scams by visiting