Buidling projects move forward in McPherson

By Chris Swick
December 11, 2015

Building projects in McPherson continue to progress forward.

Lead City Building Inspector Bill Athey says insulation, drywall and curb and guttering work at the new Hampton Inn at 200 North Cenntennial Drive are in progress. However, there was an issue with the fire sprinkler system after a recent pressure test.

“After the visual inspection, we found out that the bathrooms on the third floor had no fire sprinkler heads installed, nor was the first floor fire sprinkler connected to the system,” Athey said. “Therefore, there's going to be a second test, a 200 pound test on the entire system.”

Another project underway is the remodel of the McPherson office of the Hutchinson Clinic.

“Below-grade DWV is complete, the flooring fill's complete and interior framing and roofings are in progress,” Athey said. “There is an issue since Friday on the electrical on that building that is in progress.”

Upcoming projects added just this past week include Lampton Welding and a planned demolition for the old Conoco gas station at 2201 East Kansas Avenue will be demolished in the coming weeks after a plan is submitted to the city.