McPherson City Commission approves uniform residency policy

By Chris Swick
December 15, 2015

McPherson City Commissioners voted to make one residency policy during Monday's meeting.

Previously, the policy had been left up to individual departments, but City Administrator Nick Gregory says the City wanted a policy that is more uniform.

“As a major note, those that sit around at the department head meeting,” Gregory said, “are all required to have residency within the city limits of McPherson.”

Those employees include the City Administrator, the City Clerk/HR Coordinator, the City Treasurer/Finance Director, the Public Works Director, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Public Lands Direcotr, Convention and Visitors Bureau Director and the Community Development Director.

Additionally, fire department employees will be required to live within seven miles of the fire station at 312 E. Kansas Avenue, and all other employees within 15 miles of the city limits.

“Our preference is always to have our employees live within the city limits, but as we talk about retention, as we talk about recruitment, having a distance around the city of McPherson is essential to continue to recruit and bring in good employees,” Gregory said. “For that, I think this will be a positive for the city.”

City employees are expected to comply with the residency requirements within six months of their hire date.