Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance donates $17,000 to United Way campaign

By Chris Swick
December 17, 2015

The United Way of McPherson County 2015 campaign continues to push toward the finish line, with only three weeks left to give.

The “Pass It Forward” campaign announced recently that Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company employees raised over $8,700 to support United Way programs. That was matched by the company, itself, to bring the total raised from Farmers Alliance to over $17,000.

That will help the McPherson County United Way meet it's goal of $225,000, which Executive Director Anne Kirchner said recently on KBBE with Sunflower Bank is in danger of coming up nearly 30 thousand dollars short.

Kirchner says the organization does more than just raise and distribute funds for programs that serve the McPherson County Community.

“We're constantly having community conversations with all kinds of people to figure out what are the community needs and how can we help,” Kirchner said. “It's not always with funding. Two other areas that we focus on in addition to giving is advocating and then also volunteering.”

Kirchner adds, when you volunteer, do so for things that mean something to you.

“Don't just go out an do it because, 'Oh, I really need to volunteer,'” Kirchner said. “It needs to be meaningful, because otherwise you're not going to get that true experience and that thrill of volunteering. But, just know, when you do volunteer, the people you are helping really appreciate it.”

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