McPherson College reports near 100 percent job placement rate

By Chris Swick
December 17, 2015

Graduating seniors from McPherson College are all but guaranteed jobs according to recent job placement numbers tabulated by the college for the graduating class of 2014-2015.

Katie Sawyer, McPherson College Career Service Director, said that May graduates had a 60 percent job placement rate at the time of graduation. After six months, 98 percent of those graduating seniors have found employment.

“That's the highest number we've recorded,” Sawyer said. “We typically see high 80s to low to mid 90s, percentage-wise. So we are increasingly improving those numbers, which we always love to see. And it's great news for the graduates, because it means they are now able to step out of college life and into the professional life and start making their way through the working world.”

Sawyer attributed the high job placement numbers in part to McPherson College's internship program.

“Anybody who's been in the work force, anybody who's employs people understands that having a little bit of real-life experience mixed in with your academic background really does help in making you a good candidate,” Sawyer said. “You can set foot into the office kind of having a head's up on what's going on. Because so many of our students participate in internships before they leave campus, we feel like that gives them a head's up on a lot of competition.”

Other contributing factors Sawyer feels led to the high placement numbers include the individual attention she is able to give students to create a career path for themselves, the faculty at the college and the campus-wide effort to make students employable.