Group seeks homes for old debate trophies

By Chris Swick
December 18, 2015

A dedicated group of McPherson High faithful has been working tirelessly since this past summer to find new homes for some old memories.

David Ferrell was on KBBE's Friday Magazine representing the volunteers and said they have been sorting through trophies the high school has transferred to the Park Warehouse over the years after they have been moved from the trophy case. Some have been restored, some discarded all together and some have been sold online.

“We boxed up several trophies and sold them on eBay to people all over the country who want to re-purpose them,” Ferrell said.

That doesn't include a number of debate trophies from 1960 through 1970, which Ferrell said the group pulled out of the to-sell pile.

“We wanted to see if we couldn't find the original students who won these trophies,” Ferrell said. “Because they've been individualized. They have their names on them.”

The group is searching for the students engraved on the trophies, though Ferrell says they do have a lead on one of them.

Those Trophies include:

1960 Great Bend Tournament – Jerry Kohler, Bob Enberg; 1st place

1963 AHS (School unknown) Tournament – Anita Morlan, Marcella Sherfy; 1st place

1963 Winfield Tournament – Anita Morlan, Marcella Sherfy; 3rd Place

1968 Nickerson Tournament – Alan Goering, Mark Lawler; 4th Place

1969 Wichita Heights Tournament – Lydia Beebe, Roger Juhnke; 2nd Place

1970 – SME Tournament – Roger Juhnke, Dean Officer; 4th Place