City commission approves three zoning changes

By Chris Swick
December 22, 2015

McPherson City Commissioners gave their approval to a trio of zoning ordinances Monday.

The first dealt with a the changing of a piece or property at the southeast corner of Maxwell and Avenue A, according to Community Development Director Tom Stinemetze.

“You probably know that currently as a vacant piece of property that has a pond on it next to Calvary Baptist Church,” Stinemetze said.

The applicant, Premiere Investments, requested to change the lot from R1 Single Family Residential to B2 Neighborhood Business District. The commission passed the request, along with the recommended protective overlay that eliminated liquor stores as a permitted use.

Also considered and approved was a change of zoning for the former Kids Come First Daycare at 900 East First Street by the owners, Randy Clark and his wife from R3 Multiple-Family to B2 Neighborhood Business District.

“Their desire there was to change the zoning district to the same as their mini-storage facility,” Stinemetze said. “Which actually surrounds this piece of property on two sides, the third side also being a storage facility in the B2 Business District.

The final case also involved a rezoning from R-2 two family residential district to B-4 Service Business District at 1320 East First Street.

“It's a triangular-shaped piece of property with a railroad on the south side, First [Street] on the north side and a couple of residential properties fairly well separated from this property on the west side,” Stinemetze said. “Being triangular, there isn't a fourth side to talk about. It's directly across the street south of Mallard Drive.”

The owners intend to use the property as is, with potential changes down the road, as storage for a planned business at that location.

All three requests were approved unanimously.